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Video poker, like slot machines, is one of the most played games in the casino. Most video poker games are quite easy to play, allowing newer players and experts alike to enjoy the experience of playing and winning. That is what video poker really has going for it - simplicity. Being able to walk in, sit down, play at your own speed and play as long as you like with no pressure from other players is what makes video poker a favorite among casino patrons. The Internet has only made things better. Free online video poker games and advice can be easily found. Of course, you’ll always come back to - winning at video poker has never been so easy.

Winning at video poker requires a certain level of skill and and lots of practice. Combining the luck of slots and the strategy of poker, video poker is one of the few games in the casino that can give you a winning edge. With most machines having a payout percentage of 99.5%, video poker should be a player’s first choice for gambling.

Because video poker is not just a game of chance and pure luck, it is important for players to have a good strategy and know the rules and payout of the particular machine they are playing. If you prepare before you play, winning video poker is a snap! Most machines indicate a payout schedule on the front of the machine. In addition to paying attention to the payout schedule, it would be in your best interest to learn some type of video poker strategy. Learning a video poker strategy will not only win you money, but it could save you from losing your shirt.

Here at you will find free online video poker tips, strategy, helpful hints, and lots of great information and tips on how to play video poker. Someone once told me winning video poker is impossible. I am happy to tell you that winning is all in your finger tips. Knowing what cards to hold and what ones to throw away makes all the difference.

The best video poker to play is ‘Jacks or Better’. This is because of the payout schedule. The payout schedule you want to look for is a 9/6. You will see this indicated on the top of the machine, along with the payouts for all winning hands. If you are lucky to find a ‘9/6 Jacks or Better’ machine it pays back 99.5%. This is usually the best possible video poker game you can find.

Learning how to win at video poker starts with a little reading. There is lots of free online video poker information and games to be found. Once you’ve got the basics and the rules of some of the more common video poker variations you’re all set. If you’re tired of losing all the time and want to become a more skilled player, you’ll need to get a good playing strategy. You’ll find everything you need here at Winning Video Poker.

Today, more and more video poker machines are being added to the casino floor. ‘Jacks or Better’ isn’t the only game you’ll find. There are literally hundreds of different video poker variations and it is up to you to choose which ones to play and win. So, don’t delay - it’s time to get winning at video poker.

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